Ms January 2013 Farah Resident

Warmest smiles & greetings to a wonderful and fruitful 2013 for everyone.
It has been an awesome experience being among the Models of simply the best Modeling school and agency in SecondLife, UCWS/CWS. I am enjoying every single moment I spend here. All my dreams are taking shape right before my eyes. And I am pleased.

I am thankful to the people who have become part of my journey in the contests I have joined and won. And now as Ms January 2013---This is such a fantastic beginning of a great 2013 for me.  An honour to hold such a title.
To The CEO and Owners, Steve101 McCullough and Anrol Anthony; The Staff;  Co-Models and to all who have made each day I am online a day worth looking forward to--- I tip off my hat to you!

You all have looked onto me with so much kindness and trusted me with confidence. What a joyful journey!