Ms Calendar 2012

Ms Calendar 2012 Winner Ms Sunrae Suntzu

This is one of the most exciting and special pageants I have had the pleasure to win.  One reason is because it's the first time I have won two consecutive crowns.  As a model I set my goals extremely high and if I don't meet those goals it does not stop me from striving to achieve them, so this is a big accomplishment for me.  One of the most significant things about this pageant is that every model wore such gorgeous gowns.  I don't think I have ever seen so many stunning gowns in one pageant.  Everyone did such a fabulous job and I believe it was one of the most competitive.  Congratulations to all of you  phenomenal models, it is clear that you take your avocations seriously. 
     Thank you Steve, Lillou and Nany for your high esteem.  I know judging a pageant is very difficult, especially when you have so much amazing talent as was in this pageant.  Thank you for the honor of presenting me the Ms Calendar crown. 
     Thank you Alex for always being so supportive of me.  You are my strength and the most dear and precious person in my life.
     I just can't give enough praise or thanks to our talent team The Dragon Sisters.  Thank you Sidney, Laci and Kiralyn, you were all incredible to have shared this with.  Congrats on your upcoming wedding Laci and congrats to you Sidney on taking 2nd runner up, you were marvelous.  Kiralyn was very sick but she managed to be there for her team.  This shows what a selfless devoted friend Kiralyn is.  You are very dedicated and of the highest integrity.  You are my heroin Kira.
     And a special thank you to Thrishia Denver for doing my body check, without you I would have walked the runway in fifty shades of gray lol.  I appreciate you, thank you.

Ms January 2013 Farah Resident

Warmest smiles & greetings to a wonderful and fruitful 2013 for everyone.
It has been an awesome experience being among the Models of simply the best Modeling school and agency in SecondLife, UCWS/CWS. I am enjoying every single moment I spend here. All my dreams are taking shape right before my eyes. And I am pleased.

I am thankful to the people who have become part of my journey in the contests I have joined and won. And now as Ms January 2013---This is such a fantastic beginning of a great 2013 for me.  An honour to hold such a title.
To The CEO and Owners, Steve101 McCullough and Anrol Anthony; The Staff;  Co-Models and to all who have made each day I am online a day worth looking forward to--- I tip off my hat to you!

You all have looked onto me with so much kindness and trusted me with confidence. What a joyful journey!

Ms Febrary 2013 Timberlynn Resident

Ms February 2013
I am honored to be chosen for the title of Ms. February 2013 at Classic With Style.  There are so many beautiful and worthy contestants in the photo contests that could have received this and I am truly blessed.  Of all the months, February is such a meaning full one with the holiday Valentines.  Love, romance, hearts, cupid and flowers are things I associate with this month.  It's also a short and sweet month with only 28 days except every four years there are 29.

I want to thank Anrol and Steve for the opportunity to achieve this goal.  A big thanks to all who went out of their way and voted for me, I truely love you all.  I will truely work hard to be the representative of CWS for the esteemed title Ms. February 2013.

Mr March 2013 Philippe Byron

Philippe Byron - Mr March, 2013.

Ms April 2013 Bell Frayar

Ms. April is an honor for me. As I reflect on the changes I’ve gone through since rezzing into second life on March 14, 2012; I am amazed. Who would have known receiving a note card about a contest would lead to this moment. I am happy to be here amongst some very lovely people and sister models that encourage each other to try new things and get out of our comfort zones. I believe that is what I enjoy most about modeling; the sisterhood and brotherhood within the group. We compete, but we try not to let it get out of hand because we are learning from each other as well. I for one have learned much from the models and our instructors.
Being Ms. April is a wonderful time of the year. They say, “April showers bring Mays flowers”. So I see April as a special time of the year. The gateway to new life, new growth and sweet refreshing air .April is a time of nourishment before the new growth in May. It is the foundation month before plants and flowers begin to grow and I hope to be that type of individual. I want to help and nourish my brothers and sisters in CWS as they are the best. We are all going through changes and transitions, but we are a family and we hold tightly to each other. That’s what modeling is about for me. I am competitive, but I want to learn more.
I think it is also symbolic as CWS is going through a transition and a change as well. We are all growing together and bonding. I want to thank Steve and Anrol for helping me see how modeling could be a gift for me, but I have to put the time in and be willing to learn. To all my instructors who talk me through the low moments until I could get back up and try again. I appreciated every moment and still do. To the new owners and former sister models, Sunrae Suntzu and Kiralyn Destiny, I am excited for you in your new roles as owners. I admired you both from afar as a student and now I get to learn under you both and that is a marvelous thing to me. I know you are both Simply the Best.
Again I thank you for this great honor.
Bell (Frayar)

Mr May 2013 Zigrich Zsigmond

   First and foremost, In the whirlwind of last night, I was unwind and so sleepless, and all sort of tiny bits of critters inside me of nerve, thinking about this winner month of May ,wow amazing and thanks so much I love u all UCWS STUNNING ! .oh well ,I say is here and now I must face the  the  world I so say ., and now, OMG  I have won this amazing Calender, month of May  and May mags , wow both now, that is completely  spectacular  well to tell the true I have wait so so long for this oh.. about over 3 years now I finally got it so so trill once again thank you  all ! Im  so overwhelm,happy excited WOW!  and so speechless but is one  think i can say about this amazing, competitive Calender and Mags,    I went through and now I know  why   we do this it is a experience , a learning process I learn how to me more confidence  self awareness , my leaderships has increase, or gaining, getting all lay out in order omg I  can keep on   but ill stop if not ill end up  writing  a book (lol), But i do want to  say this has been a huge Jetport and ,huge task ! was not I can tell you that .. .. to thanks the fourth incredibly important people to this modeling experience  and in my life, "the most incredible experience of my life" and "for your genius, for your guidance, for teaching me things about myself and nurturing me to be a better person and  and Modeling. Ms Sunrae, Ms Janet,Ms Vicky,Ms Lisa, actually is more but theses amazing ladies had dome  so so much for me  oops, I cant for get my lovely wife Agee Z canto, my fellow classmate,Ms Anrol, Steve,Tiffani, ms Layah oh  gosh , I will never be able to forgive myself for such a brain fart ( LOL ) but I hope that all of you who I had mention above has given me such a inspiration, sl and rl ,this Viticulture world game is not a joke is real , fun and amazing . and I can say I have eager so much in this game  ,unreal and so I want thank you from my bottom of my heart," oo," I caught a frog in my throat , soon it will be a river if I don't stop .. so . my wonderful family   UCWS I bow to you all  and kisses  and a huge hug, and in Spanish  I'LL SAY MUCHO GRACIA! Y MUCHO BESO !!!!!! ( THANK YOU SO MUCH AND LOTS OF KISSES )
     Oh by the way I want to  and congrats to all who participated  and  also the all winners who had work so hard to get this point !WTG .  God bless all of you ,I love  you all!  zZ-zIGGY-zIG-☻♥☺☻♥

Ms June 2012 Liberty Lighthouse

Liberty Lighthouse

WOW winning the Cover Girl here at CWS !!!!!
It's so hard to put into words the feeling you have for so many people who have truely influenced my career as a model here at CWS.
I think back to my first days here at CWS I would look at the CWS blog page and think Wow I want to be  there someday  and  my dream has come true and it is truely  an honor to win  !
This journey has been incredible here at CWS . I graduated from Classics With Style in March 2012 and to this very day I am still learing .I can remember taking the blogging class I had a bad day and acually walked out LOL Had my mind set that I would never learn it and wanted to give up but the love and support of ms Layla I went again and acually won best blogger out of my class !  So from that day I thought.. Never ever give up on your dreams if your willing to work hard & not quite  you can overcome and achieve what you want & So  Live your dream !!!  To all the teacher's here I have said from the day I graduated your guys are the foundation that keeps CWS working. To each and everyone one of you at one point in this journey you have all been a part of it with me and I can't say enough about  you . You each bring something special here your humor, your style, your commitment, your time, even your critsisism when needed  LOL  and most of all your love. Thank you for all your beautiful friendships. I truely love each and everyone of you and I will always need each one of you so  your not off the hook yet LOL

I just want to  give a special and warm thanks  to my husband Craig. He has always encouraged & supported  me !  He is so proud of all my accomplishments. Your an amazing man and the best husband. Thank you for everything you have brought into my life & my career.
Your the peanut butter to my jelly & I Love You !!!!

Anrol I want to give a special thanks to you. This would not of happened  without you, your a tower of strength not just for me but for all of us.    Thank you for me believing in me  and helping me each time i called on you, Your truely my Angel and  an amazing woman & I love you alot !!
Steve!!  Look at this place  you have been fantastic with your building and videos your patience & your talent is just breathtaking. I look around at CWS and all you both give to all of us, the runway's, the  style, the  class thats here, It  really shines threw and we are Simply The Best  there is no doubt about that, Your both amazing and together??
OMG ... There's just no two better than you!!!!!     Muwaaaaaaahs
Thank you for the opportunities you give us but allowing us to work hard to achieve them  what an amazing jouney ! I will always do my best for you and be proud of my accomplishments here at CWS with Pride Pride Pride !  
Love to each & everyone of you & again Thank You !!!!!!!
Mrs. Jaylynn Charisma

Ms July 2012 KiraLyn Destiny

It's an honor to be Ms. July 2012 , this is second year I am Ms. July.

I want to thank my  SL Son Georgie for putting up with all my modeling I do, because that means we spend less time together.

I want to thank Mr. Steve and Ms. Anrol for their support they give to everyone who walks through the doors at CWS.
They have been the sweetest couple to me and they truly care about all the models.

Again thank you for this wonderful opportunity you have given me here at CWS.

To all the ladies who haven't  or didn't win a pageant or styling event  yet never give up you will shine with all your hard work when you should. And you are right where you should be  at CWS!  Why? Because they are  " SIMPLY THE  BEST !

So believe in yourself and others will also believe in you. Your dreams can come true, and remember true beauty ladies comes from within  and shines bright on the out side.

With much love and respect again Thank you
KiraLyn Destiny

Ms August 2012 Ladysunfire Erin

       Being chosen for Ms August 2012 is nothing short of 'total' excitement and it is such an honor.  I have anticipated for so long of being one of the twelve calendar models. Now,  here it is and in such a great month too !!! August holds much for me because it is my birthday month and it is summer.  My favorite time of the year.

Sl has brought me many wonderful times.  Exploring the different sims from all around the globe but what I enjoy the  most is fashion and modeling.   I have had the great opportunity to meet many people and I must say the ones who have impressed me the most are Anrol, Steve, and the CWS team. Their dedication and patience has help me achieve my hearts dream of being a runway model. Attending the university and then taking the advanced classes has taught me much  and I am looking forward to tomorrow with high expectations because I know I will not be disappointed. 

 It is with great pleasure to walk the runway and compete with my fellow models. I have made many friends and looking to the future at many new ones. It is with great sincerity I  shall continue on with Classic w/ Style being a shining example of what CWS is all about.


LadySunFire Erin

Ms September 2012 Sweetyuna Wendel

First I would like to thank Classic With Style Simply The Best for giving me this opportunity to win again the Miss September 2012. Its an experience to me winning the title and with that  I have all the confidence to show myself being a model.

I would like to thank my husband Youske for supporting all my activities without him I have no strength to fulfill all my activities, thank you for understanding me.

 Cant imagine and remembering the days here at Classic With style, almost 2 years doing modeling. I learned a lot of things. Im proud to myself to all the things happened to me.

I thank Anrol and Steve for all the support to our fellow models in Classic With Style. Without you there will never be a good model in the grid. And I stand that I am model of Classic with Style and I am proud on it.

To all models of CWS never give up on our dreams and goals. A lot of criticism it is good ,because it would mold you to be more better model. We are the walking closet for which all are looking at us being a model. I will always support and encourage all how Classic with Style is only  the number one " Simply The Best ". May God Bless us all!!!!

Ms October 2012 Dev Darkbyrd

Wow! To say I am excited about winning Ms October!I am excited to be on this journey with the CWS family.  October is a special month of Harvest, all things new! My desire thru this journey is to stay true to myself, my old fashioned values but show a fresh, new approach.
I want to thank Steve and Anrol for this opportunity as well as Janet for all her help in seeing the beauty behind this model's canvas.
A special thank you to my husband, Josiah, who's support and faith in me never fails. He is the love of my life!
Here's to many more winnings!!

Ms November 2012 Sunrae Suntzu

   One of the things I love most about November is that a lot of activities come to a halt and I get some rest and down time.  Halloween is a very big event with my family and we spend a lot of exhausting time with decorating, going to haunted houses, scary movies, parties and other activities.  The spooks and goblins of Halloween have been put in storage until next year and there are a few weeks left before the Christmas decorating and shopping begins.  As Will Durant once said "One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say."  For me November is a month of mostly doing nothing.
     When we think of the month of November, we have thoughts of Thanksgiving but there is a lot more to November than turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.   Many historical events took place in November, such as President Kennedy was assassinated on November 23, 1963. The end of World War I or Armistice Day was November 11, 1918. President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in November 1863.  President Lincoln made the Gettysburg address in November of 1863 and Election day is on the first Tuesday. 
     I hope everyone enjoys some rest and relaxation this month and will give thanks for your blessings.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I leave you with this poem taken from World Book Millennium:
          November woods are bare and still;
          November days are clear and bright;
          Each noon burns up the morning's chill,
          The morning's snow is gone by night..
Sunrae Suntzu - Ms November 2012

Ms December 2012 Ania Lennie

One morning when I woke up I had the wonderful surprise to learn that I was Miss December and this thanks to friends who voted for me. With embrassement  I did a request for help to friends to realize my dream to be on the calendar. I am truly touched by this impulse so generous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also thank all those who voted for me last month, kisses to all of you ,I adore you.

 CWS family is very important to me, you are all so wonderful and full of generosity. You are always available and with a smile. I never sensed that I was disturbing . The month of December is special for me because it is the month of my birthday  besides being  also the month of hollidays. Having kept a child's heart I chose a dress surrounded with teddy bears who hold gifts and decorated with christmas balls. I had great fun doing this picture and I hope that you enjoy it as much as me. I wish you all  a very happy holiday season, full of love and gifts surrounded by those you love. I love you kisses

Ania xxxxxx


 Thank you all From Classic w/ Style GL in the Pageant !!