Ms August 2012 Ladysunfire Erin

       Being chosen for Ms August 2012 is nothing short of 'total' excitement and it is such an honor.  I have anticipated for so long of being one of the twelve calendar models. Now,  here it is and in such a great month too !!! August holds much for me because it is my birthday month and it is summer.  My favorite time of the year.

Sl has brought me many wonderful times.  Exploring the different sims from all around the globe but what I enjoy the  most is fashion and modeling.   I have had the great opportunity to meet many people and I must say the ones who have impressed me the most are Anrol, Steve, and the CWS team. Their dedication and patience has help me achieve my hearts dream of being a runway model. Attending the university and then taking the advanced classes has taught me much  and I am looking forward to tomorrow with high expectations because I know I will not be disappointed. 

 It is with great pleasure to walk the runway and compete with my fellow models. I have made many friends and looking to the future at many new ones. It is with great sincerity I  shall continue on with Classic w/ Style being a shining example of what CWS is all about.


LadySunFire Erin