Ms June 2012 Liberty Lighthouse

Liberty Lighthouse

WOW winning the Cover Girl here at CWS !!!!!
It's so hard to put into words the feeling you have for so many people who have truely influenced my career as a model here at CWS.
I think back to my first days here at CWS I would look at the CWS blog page and think Wow I want to be  there someday  and  my dream has come true and it is truely  an honor to win  !
This journey has been incredible here at CWS . I graduated from Classics With Style in March 2012 and to this very day I am still learing .I can remember taking the blogging class I had a bad day and acually walked out LOL Had my mind set that I would never learn it and wanted to give up but the love and support of ms Layla I went again and acually won best blogger out of my class !  So from that day I thought.. Never ever give up on your dreams if your willing to work hard & not quite  you can overcome and achieve what you want & So  Live your dream !!!  To all the teacher's here I have said from the day I graduated your guys are the foundation that keeps CWS working. To each and everyone one of you at one point in this journey you have all been a part of it with me and I can't say enough about  you . You each bring something special here your humor, your style, your commitment, your time, even your critsisism when needed  LOL  and most of all your love. Thank you for all your beautiful friendships. I truely love each and everyone of you and I will always need each one of you so  your not off the hook yet LOL

I just want to  give a special and warm thanks  to my husband Craig. He has always encouraged & supported  me !  He is so proud of all my accomplishments. Your an amazing man and the best husband. Thank you for everything you have brought into my life & my career.
Your the peanut butter to my jelly & I Love You !!!!

Anrol I want to give a special thanks to you. This would not of happened  without you, your a tower of strength not just for me but for all of us.    Thank you for me believing in me  and helping me each time i called on you, Your truely my Angel and  an amazing woman & I love you alot !!
Steve!!  Look at this place  you have been fantastic with your building and videos your patience & your talent is just breathtaking. I look around at CWS and all you both give to all of us, the runway's, the  style, the  class thats here, It  really shines threw and we are Simply The Best  there is no doubt about that, Your both amazing and together??
OMG ... There's just no two better than you!!!!!     Muwaaaaaaahs
Thank you for the opportunities you give us but allowing us to work hard to achieve them  what an amazing jouney ! I will always do my best for you and be proud of my accomplishments here at CWS with Pride Pride Pride !  
Love to each & everyone of you & again Thank You !!!!!!!
Mrs. Jaylynn Charisma