Ms April 2013 Bell Frayar

Ms. April is an honor for me. As I reflect on the changes I’ve gone through since rezzing into second life on March 14, 2012; I am amazed. Who would have known receiving a note card about a contest would lead to this moment. I am happy to be here amongst some very lovely people and sister models that encourage each other to try new things and get out of our comfort zones. I believe that is what I enjoy most about modeling; the sisterhood and brotherhood within the group. We compete, but we try not to let it get out of hand because we are learning from each other as well. I for one have learned much from the models and our instructors.
Being Ms. April is a wonderful time of the year. They say, “April showers bring Mays flowers”. So I see April as a special time of the year. The gateway to new life, new growth and sweet refreshing air .April is a time of nourishment before the new growth in May. It is the foundation month before plants and flowers begin to grow and I hope to be that type of individual. I want to help and nourish my brothers and sisters in CWS as they are the best. We are all going through changes and transitions, but we are a family and we hold tightly to each other. That’s what modeling is about for me. I am competitive, but I want to learn more.
I think it is also symbolic as CWS is going through a transition and a change as well. We are all growing together and bonding. I want to thank Steve and Anrol for helping me see how modeling could be a gift for me, but I have to put the time in and be willing to learn. To all my instructors who talk me through the low moments until I could get back up and try again. I appreciated every moment and still do. To the new owners and former sister models, Sunrae Suntzu and Kiralyn Destiny, I am excited for you in your new roles as owners. I admired you both from afar as a student and now I get to learn under you both and that is a marvelous thing to me. I know you are both Simply the Best.
Again I thank you for this great honor.
Bell (Frayar)